What is NIE?

Newspaper In Education is an international educational effort that helps teachers and parents use the very latest textbook — their local daily newspaper — to instruct young people about the world around them, fuel their desire to learn about many topics and encourage a love of reading.

At The Dispatch, the Newspaper In Education program provides discounted newspapers to classrooms, supplies free teaching materials and presents workshops and inservice training to help teachers explore how to use the newspaper in class.

Our goals are to help students learn and develop reading and critical thinking skills now and to help them become informed, involved citizens in the future. We also work to provide teachers with an economical, effective and exciting teaching aid — the newspaper — and supplemental, supportive teaching materials, whether they teach English, journalism, business, science, math, life skills or social studies.

News Flash! Newspaper reading can boost student test scores!!

Research from the University of Minnesota indicates that students who read a newspaper in class score 10 percent to 30 percent better on standardized reading tests than their peers who do not read newspapers in class.

According to the study, using the newspaper in class helps improve students’ attitudes about reading, including decreasing "reading avoidance" issues. Students like reading the newspaper because they find things of interest in it. Also, newspapers provide a constantly changing source of non-fiction reading material, a key need in many schools, and help students hone critical thinking skills.

Who uses NIE?

The Dispatch's Newspaper In Education program serves hundreds of teachers in more than a dozen central Ohio counties. The program has materials for all learners from kindergarten to twelfth grade, plus adult education and English as a Second Language classes.

Why use The Dispatch and NIE?

Using the newspaper bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world living, helps foster global awareness and understanding of local issues, creates informed citizens, offers examples of conflict and resolution and fosters reading, thinking and writing skills.

In addition, using newspapers in class can encourage positive student attitudes toward reading, improve math skills, motivate students to talk with their peers and parents about what they read and help students learn how to solve real-life problems.